"The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires. "   


                                                   William A. Ward


I had the fortune of being superbly trained by great teachers at London College of Dance - the teacher training college of the ISTD. They inspired me to want to be the best teacher I could be and gave me the training, attributes and skills to go forward and make that happen. I have drawn on my college training numerous times over the last 29 years and have come to truly appreciate how well prepared we were. We were trained not only as dance syllabus teachers, but as educators and consequently graduates have gone on to succeed in many sectors of the dance profession around the world.






Dance2advance was formed in order to provide a centre of training for students wishing to pursue a career in dance teaching. The aim of this new course is to offer a wider spectrum of learning providing some extra depth of knowledge and skills alongside the units required for ISTD DDE giving the students the opportunity to explore and potentially follow a variety of career options, thus continuing the ethos of the training I received at London College.


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